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Who is Stephanie Bast? 

Stephanie Bast was abandoned in Korea, adopted by Italians and raised in a town so small and white, someone asked: “How are you gonna understand her when she starts speaking?” Fiercely loved and protected, she was taught to fear “the other” while knowing “the other” was herself. She writes comedy about messy women proving they’re worthy of being saved, creating worlds for those of us who aren’t “enough” to belong. 

Stephanie lives in Los Angeles and is currently the Roadmap Diversity Fellow, trained at UCLA extension and placed as Finalist for Austin Film Festival, Final Draft’s Big Break and CineStory. A Broadway and TV/Film actress in the time when presenting as Asian was a detriment, she has turned the pain of her race into a super power.


Stephanie writes for everyone who’s adopted.

She writes for everyone who hates looking in the mirror.

She writes for her children, so they may always love their eyes. 

In a pinch, Stephanie can perform a reverse vasectomy. 

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